Board of Education: Petition for investigation of [A.R.T. Tattoo School]


Petition to Pennsylvania Board of Education to open an investigation of the entity known as the Academy of Responsible Tattooing for certification as a school/proprietary trade school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

It is believed that said entity operating in Pennsylvania for at least 3 years is a predatory pyramid scheme that preys on the naivety of its students and staff for monetary gain and offers the student substandard learning with little to no credibility.

Foremost it is believed that ART is operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania unlicensed or unregistered.

It is believed that ART operates seminars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania unlicensed or unregistered.

it is believed ART educators hold no teacher certification valid PA Professional Certification of the Board of Education. Educators credentials are also inadequate in expertise to be in a position to divulge information to students that is deemed adequate, valuable, and credible knowledge.

Facility complaint regarding Environmental Health and Safety. It is questionable that the facility meets criteria set by the Dept. of Environmental Resources or that of local Health Board.

It is believed that ART has been operating with no financial audits made annually as required by state law. Furthermore allowing said entity to operated indiscriminately in a manner to also take advantage of students and Veterans. it is believed ART is in violation of attempting to and receiving Federal funds from the VA Educational Benefits program while not being a state registered trade school.

it is believed that an Out of State Owner possesses no certification of names and addresses of representatives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania authorized to accept notice by the Board of Education of legal action instituted by students or any third party.

It is believed that Terms of Payment are not clearly stated. This does not comply with Federal Truth in Lending and State Retail installment requirements.

It is believed that ART has not complied with State Law to register as a proprietary trade School and no license fee has been collected by the Department of Education in accordance with Private Licensed school Act, Act 174 of 1986.

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