Article in UK Inkluded: Why tattooists are saying NO to tattoo schools

Beautifully written article, explaining why tattoo schools are bad news.

“Any anti-tattoo school campaign has the customer and artists at the heart of its missions. In order to create the best tattoo any apprentice will be taught key skills from experienced tattooers as part of their training in a studio: from hygiene and preparation, to customer care and communication. But there’s also one thing that all brilliant artists have in common that will always set them apart from any clinical business endeavour… passion.

But many schools exist in the world that teach other skills, so why should tattooing be any different? – I hear you ask.

The truth is, tattooing just isn’t like any other industry. With no disrespect to record shop owners or hairdressers, getting a tattoo is much more of an emotional and physical investment than buying a CD or getting a haircut. Not only is it traumatic for the body and has to be taken seriously in terms of medical safety, but getting a tattoo is also a huge mental and often spiritual commitment that requires a level of passion and dedication from wearer and tattooist.” –Beccy

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